Maggie’s works are thought provoking. …they give the viewer a different experience each time.
. . . Pamela Stewart, Santa Fe NM

I am greatfull for the teaching and inspiration that I have received from Maggie. When I think of her, I feel the Earth and the great strength of feminine essence and wisdom.
. . .Leila (traveler ) (More from Lelia)

The abstracts created by Maggie give birth to one’s imagination and a sense of nature’s majesty descends upon all whom gaze upon them.
. . . Rosemary L. Sieve (More from Rosemary)

When I first saw Maggie’s paintings in Arizona a light colored canvas with turquoise streaks caught my eye. It wasn’t until a year later that I could buy it. Now, hanging in my living room, it looks like an angel is in the landscape. Maggie’s painting is beautiful and brightens my life.
. . . Holly Dove, Lake Havasu City AZ L. Sieve